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1. Smart lithium battery technology indicators; ① voltage : 7.4V; ② capacity : HBH- I type : 2200mah; HBH-II : 4400mah  ③ charge voltage : 8.4-8.6V; ④over-charged protection voltage:8.6V ;⑤over-discharged provides protection voltage ;6.0V⑥  obvious charge current release : 1.0-1.2A; ⑦ work currents :<15mA; ⑧everyone waiting currents :< :0.5mA; ⑨ output : 15W  MAX; ⑩power output efficiency ; ≥98﹪; ⑾ current use pulse output; ⑿Published load type and scope : pure electric impedance, 4Ω-100Ω; Note : do not take batteries / electrical / capacitance, and other load 
2. Wisdom lithium batteries five turned control : constant power output, automatic thermostatic. ① switch on the machine after the red button ;LED shows : battery power output again by the button ;LED 100%; ②shows orange; Battery power output 75%; ③ the button again ;LED show green; Battery power output 50%; ④ again button : ;,LED show green lights; Battery power output : 32%; ⑤ again button; led closure : export closed;  
3. Smart lithium battery charging : interface with dedicated 8.6V/1.2A lithium battery charging; Constant voltage output interface requirements; 8.4V; export currents Hengliu ;1.2A; Hengliu, Hengya charging; Lithium batteries with electricity, and lithium battery charging interfaces red led shows; Lithium batteries with electricity, interface and lithium battery charging led shows green.  
4. Discharge time and electrothermal films surface temperature : Load : macromolecular carbon fibre infrared electrothermal films (resistance ;10 10Ω); Lithium battery discharge time and electrothermal films surface temperature below;

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