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heated glove liner with 7.4V,2000mAh battery
Products name: heated glove liner with 7.4V,2000mAh battery
Model: XZL-101
Specification: one buttone controller

2 Heated Gloves with 2.200 mAh
Li-Ion Polymer batteries
1 Adapter & Y-Cable 8.4V,1A*2
1 Storage and travel pouch
1 Instruction booklet
Technical Specifications:
2.200 mAh Li-Ion Polymer battery
Heating time up to 8 hours
Temperature: Adjustable from
34°C - 44°C / 93°F - 111°F

Unpack the EIGDAY GLOVES, along with the two Li-Ion Polymer batteries and
The batteries of the EIGDAY GLOVES are not charged and must be fully
charged for 4 hours before first use.
Connect the Y-Cable to the main adapter cable and then the two adapter cables
to the sockets of the batteries. Then plug in the adapter to the outlet to charge the
batteries. Both batteries must always be charged at the same time!
After the initial charge, the regular charging time is approximately up to 4 hours
depending on the charging state of the batteries. The adapter is designed to
protect and guarantee a long life of the batteries. Overcharging is not possible.
The two LED lights on the Y- cable turn to red during loading and then change
to green after loading is completed! After the gloves are fully charged, unplug the
adapter and disconnect the cables from the batteries. Store the batteries in the
pouch inside the cuff of the gloves and close the zipper.
When using your EIGDAY GLOVES open both zippers of the pouch inside the
gloves and connect the cables, which are inside the pouch, to the sockets of the
battery firmly. Store the battery inside the pouch and close the zipper.
The Heating Mode is activated by pressing the black ON/OFF keypad control
button located on the top of the gloves for about 3 seconds. The LED light on
the keypad control will then flash and light up, indicating that the gloves are in the

Please note that the actual heating time always depends on the outside temperature
and if the gloves are worn separately, or in conjunction with outer gloves or
mittens. The Li-Ion batteries reach its full power after having been fully charged and
fully drained several times! Additional batteries packs can be purchased separately
if extended heating times are needed!
Turn OFF the gloves by pressing the ON/OFF keypad control button several
seconds until the LED light turns off. Always unplug the batteries when the gloves
are not in use and store them inside the pouch of the glove.
The high-quality 2.700 mAh Li-Ion Polymer Batteries (no memory effect!) cannot
be damaged by frequent charging and can be re-charged approximately 500 times!
For best performance it is recommended not to fully charge the batteries if the
gloves are not being used for a longer period of time! Charge for 30 minutes only
and after 3 months charge the batteries again for about 30 minutes!
Charge the batteries completely before using the gloves again.
Turn OFF the gloves when not in use.
Always unplug the batteries when the gloves are not in use and store them
inside the pouch of the glove.
Store the gloves and adapter in a cool, clean and dry place.
Only use the original adapter to charge the gloves.
Do not damage the heating elements by excessively stretching
or twisting the gloves.
Do not cut or puncture the gloves.

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