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Heated gloves
Products name: Heated gloves
Model: EP008
Specification: polymer battery

1.Gloves are made with waterproof fabrics ,3 layers adiabatic cotton inside it .
2.Heating materials use the latest development of Carbon Fiber Heater which can release far infrared beneficial to human body, with the characters of soft, warming fast, wear-resisting, etc
3.PROVIDE special power adapter and lithium battery with protection circuit which can prevent battery being overcharge or overdischarge.
4.After electrifying the heating temperature can reach up to 38-50 degrees Celsius.The power is less than4W.
5.Products adopt separation design,and elaborately design unique invisible battery area
6.High capacity rechargeable Li-polymer battery,Votage:3.7V,Capacity:2200mAh,can recycle charge-discharge for more than 500 times.It can keep warm for 4-10 hours ,and maintain the temperature about 38-50℃
Size    S M L XL XXL
Weight about 700g/pair
Color   blue+black
Ex-factory configuration: a pair of electric gloves,2 Lithium Batteries, 1 two-headed input power adapter,1 instruction book
User:    Students,frontier armed police,soldiers,police,old people,fishing enthusiasts, climbers,skiers,golf players and outdoor workers
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