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Househeld Milk Warmer
Products name: Househeld Milk Warmer
Model: EM-502
Specification: 8W

1. Adopt advanced heating technology, with the characteristics of warming fast, temperature control precisely and use conveniently, etc.
2. Suitable for different types of bottles and baby food, such as: Milk, porridge, rice paste etc. The heating temperature (0 to 100 degrees Celsius)can be control-LED by shifting gears. It can ensure food original taste, not destroy any nutrition.
3. Milk warmer device -- refined structure, easy to carry, easy to clean, the shell made by nontoxic plastic, let you and your baby rest assured!
4. Suitable for the bottle (5.5 cm in diameter), except wide-mouth bottles

Voltage: 110-220
Power: 8W
Weight: About450g

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