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Heated insoles
Products name: Heated insoles
Model: EP301
Specification: polymer battery

Health care  indoor heating the insole

A thousand-li journey is sufficient, feet warm body warm. ABL-indoor health care by the insole electric is research and development, production, with its own intellectual property products.

Product health: the insole electrothermal body active radiation far infrared thermal points in foot according to pulse massage, improve blood circulation, adjust the soles of the feet human body meridian, promote the blood circulation, enhance immunity, health care, prolong life.

The safety and reliability of the products: the heating the insole 8.4 V DC low voltage design, absolutely safe and reliable.

Method of use:

1. Open the package, take out products.

2. First will double the output of switch power supply socket plugged in, then will the insole connection with the head of switch power supply output (OUT) connection can.

3. When you feel too hot or not need heating, just off the power can be.

Product size: a. 37-yards

Applicable footwear: electric insole can adapt to the men and women of various kinds of brand, specifications, models of the size of the leather shoes, boots, cloth shoes, leisure shoes, sports shoes, etc.;

Applicable people: ordinary citizens, students, teachers, soldiers, police on guard duty, field workers, the crowd;


1. Inserted products linked head, hold the plug handle, not pull the cable, lest wire break or plug damaged.

2. If connected with water head put handle, shall be immediately stop using, wait for dry water after continue to use.

3. The insole please don't fold and excessive flex, avoid injury of electrothermal circuit, the influence is used.

4. Please do not optional decomposition, modification. In the process of using the product if problems please to distributors or distribution department consultation, and shall not unilaterally remove, modification.

5. Infants and can't correctly express wish to disable, children and the elderly in used under the guidance of adults.

6. The insole washing available light brush brush underlying surface, natural dry, do not use hand knead, not with the hand twist dry, do not bleach.

The factory configuration:

Electric heating the insole 1 double, double head output adapter 1, 1 portion of the manual.

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