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lady's heated glove savior S08
Products name: lady's heated glove savior S08
Model: s08
Specification: 7.4V,2000mAh

Model no: S08
Brand name: Savior
v      Controller: 
On/Off Button with Power Levels
Level 1: 33%, 5-6 Hours, 45-50 C Degree
Level 2: 66%, 3-4 Hours, 50-55 C Degree
Level 3: 100%, 2-3 Hours, 55-65 C Degree 
v      Battery Pack: 
Waterproof, Li-ion or Li-Po, 7.4V 2000mAh
v      Charger:
Dual Charger, 8.4V 2 X 1A
v      Heating Elements
Made from Carbon Fiber 
v      Materials of Glove 
Windproof and Waterproof
Leather,SOFTSHELL,EMT LOFT, Fiber and Cotton Materials
v      Color:  Black, Red 
v  Size: M, L, X
v  Leather  material
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